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  • Muus Blokker I Siemens Digital Industries Software
    Director Business Development, Europe, Middle-East and Africa
  • Michal Dic I Siemens Digital Industries Software
    Portfolio Development Executive Mainstream Engineering

Welcome from CEE, How does DISW Landscape for Solid Edge look like in CEE, Customer Perspective

  • Marek Wdowicz I Siemens Digital Industries Software
    Sales Director Central Eastern Europe

Siemens closely examines regional trends, offering a unique value proposition to address the emerging challenges and support our customers. We explore how to tackle the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region’s challenges and how Digital Industries Software (DISW) enables companies to surmount obstacles and thrive in a competitive future. we like to instigate what are the key metrics and market development trends we are observing.


How the Solid Edge portfolio Supports Enterprise Digital Transformation

  • Dan Staples | Siemens Digital Industries Software
    Vice President, Mainstream Engineering

Solid Edge 2024 empowers users to design more intelligently across every aspect of product development. With a continued focus on the user expirience and large assembly performance, Solid Edge 2024 introduces functionalities and enhancements to further automate and accelerate design collaboration. The Solid Edge portfolio, part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, is an integrated set of powerful, comprehensive and accessible tool that advance all aspects of the product development process. Solid Edge addresses today's complex challenges with automated digital solutions that cultivate creativity and collaboration. By hamessing the latest innovative technologies in mechanical and electrical design, simulation, manufacturing, technical publications, data management, and cloud-based collaboration, Solid Edge dramatically shortens time-to-market, provides greater production flexibility, and significantly reduces costs with its collaborative a scalable solutions.


Solid Edge, Whats New 2024! - Part I

  • Kevin Moran I Siemens Digital Industries Software
    PreSales CoE Engineering

Solid Edge 2024 empowers users to design more intelligently across every aspect of product development.
With a continued focus on the user experience and large assembly performance, Solid Edge 2024 introduces functionalities and enhancements to further automate and accelerate design and collaboration.
Join this session to learn how to make full use of the new features and enhancements.


Edge Layout - Factory design module for Solid Edge

  • Bálint Balassa | GraphIT
    Software Engineer
  • Gyula Horváth | Ecomatic Ltd.
    Managing Director

Join Bálint for an insightful demonstration of their Solid Edge Add-In: Edge Layout!
This innovative extension of Solid Edge streamlines the process of designing factory layouts, making it quicker and more intuitive.
Bálint will showcase the most intriguing features and provide a behind-the-scenes look into the program's functionality. Let him take you for a virtual walk through a factory layout, or even explore their office in Budapest where it all began.
Don't miss this opportunity to explore the powerful capabilities of Edge Layout and how it simplifies factory design for our customers.



Siemens Video Limbic Life


Limbic Life : From brain research to the workplace - What brain research and body intelligence have to do with CAD.

  • Dr. Patrik Künzler | Limbic Life

This is the dawn of a new era, where neuroscience is starting to have a great impact on our lives.

We will be discussing how we developed Limbic Chair, showing its neuroscience background, why having fun is more efficient at work, and the practical and medical impact Limbic Chair can have at the workplace.
And of course also how to use your body for computer inputs for better efficiency and health.

Neuroscience research shows that we should use our legs to move and rotate objects in CAD and to move ourselves in VR. What sounds like common sense – our hands are designed to do complex, precise work and are connected to some very advanced brain regions – has finally been put into practice.

We are presenting Limbic Chair, a “chair”-like solution for increasing your efficiency, health and wellbeing. We developed it at MIT based on several years of applied neuroscience research.

Limbic Chair allows you to sit balanced and straight effortlessly. Micromovements support your spine and keep it healthy, while larger, intentional thigh movements are being tracked by 5 sensors and transmitted to your computer to let you do any function you like. Any.

Now you can zoom, scroll, rotate in CAD and in 2D using your body. This is good, gentle exercise (like walking slowly, you can do it all day without breaking a sweat) and it takes stress off your hands.

The clever thing is that very simple, ancient brain regions can do the ‘stupid’ things on your computer now, zooming, scrolling, while your ‘smart’, modern brain can focus on what’s important.

Another great application is VR: Fly using the chair while staying at your desk. It’s hands-free, so you can actually use your hands for the work you are supposed to do in VR. No more falling, no more tripping, no more artificial boundaries, no more of all that.


TEST BED - Industrial 5G

  • Dušan Šutora | Siemens RC Slovakia
    Siemens Technical Account Manager for Tier 1 Automotive and Linebuilders in Central and Eastern Europe

Presentation of a practical 5G solution for an industrial production network in a university setting. The solution involves creating a real digital twin capable of exchanging information via the 5G network between the digital and physical worlds. A truly innovative aspect is the implementation of 5G Profinet realtime communication, which provides new flexibility and mobility options for technologies. For human-machine interfaces, a next-generation HMI panel solution with 5G support is also prepared. Analytics and diagnostics within the 5G network offer new possibilities for transmitting real-time information precisely where it’s needed. Augmented reality ensures instant access to information wherever it’s required. Similarly, Industrial Edge devices bridge the gap between IT and operational technology (OT), revolutionizing how control systems will look in the future.


How to effectively start your digital transformation and add value to your business?

  • Velko Velkov | Soltec
    Siemens Sales Expert
  • Radoslav Radev | SRS Composite

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the effective initiation of digital transformation has become imperative for staying competitive and meeting customer demands. This presentation delves into the strategies and best practices for embarking on a successful digital transformation journey while maximizing business value with the help of Solid Edge and Soltec technical services. The session explores key aspects essential for the seamless transition of our partner SRS Composite, focusing on software integration as a cornerstone for efficiency improvement. By having minimized the partners' errors through advanced error-checking mechanisms and precision-driven simulations, they have enhanced the operational reliability and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the presentation delves into optimizing machine times and achieving synchronous technology integration to streamline production processes. SRS Composite significantly cut programming times and increased overall production by collaborating with Soltec - a postprocessor and virtual machine service provider.

Attendees will gain insights into how Soltec can help companies start with actionable steps for initiating digital transformation initiatives, harnessing the power of Solid Edge integration, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive business growth and competitiveness in today's dynamic marketplace.


Questions and Closing words

Muus Blokker, Michal Dic | Siemens Digital Industries Software


Break and Lunch

Siemens Solid Edge Video


Welcome Back: organizational matters

  • Muus Blokker, Michal Dic | Siemens Digital Industries Software

Scaling for Impact with Social Selling

  • Dr. Anna Selent I Siemens Digital Industries Software
    Director of CX Digital Transformation

A dialogue between two speakers, discussing the dynamics of social selling, an essential component of modern sales and marketing execution. You will uncover the key elements contributing to a successful strategy and implementation, with a focus on establishing trust and credibility through effective personal branding. You will also learn strategies and best practices for initiating and maintaining meaningful conversations with prospects and leads on social media platforms, driving engagement, and fostering lasting relationships that yield tangible results in sales and marketing efforts.


Solid Edge What's new 2024 - Part II

  • Kevin Moran I Siemens Digital Industries Software
    PreSales CoE Engineering

Solid Edge 2024 empowers users to design more intelligently across every aspect of product development.
With a continued focus on the user experience and large assembly performance, Solid Edge 2024 introduces functionalities and enhancements to further automate and accelerate design and collaboration.
Join this session to learn how to make full use of the new features and enhancements.


Solid Edge, Best Choice for everyone

  • Imre Szucs | Enterprise Group
    Support Team Manager
  • Tibor Nagy | Eli-ALPS Nonprofit Ltd.
    Senior Mechanical Engineer

In this presentation I will show how Solid Edge covers user needs from student years to retirement, supporting lifelong learning. We will focus on the industrial area where Solid Edge can be a great choice for migration from other CAD software (Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, ...). Synchronous Technology, Convergent Modeling, these are not only words, these are base of your opportunities. Take a look the flexible, efficient operation of Solid Edge!


Solid Edge and Teamcenter to streamline design and communication, from quoting to manufacturing

  • Zdenko Caban | SOVA
    PLM Application Engineer
  • Christophe Payon I SKARTEK s.r.o.

Although the SKARTEK had originally implemented SolidWorks CAD and data management software, it needed a software platform that could overcome performance issues and support its end-to-end solutions offering. Integrating the Solid Edge platform with Teamcenter software enables users to improve the quality of their product development process by streamlining their CAD data management and creating a single environment for mechanical and electrical design, simulation, manufacturing and more. The result is a collaborative CAD environment that improves design efficiency and reduces project time by 30 percent.



Siemens Video, Plastic Fisher


How to migrate to Solid Edge from a competitive situation

  • Adrian Dumitrescu | CAD Subscription
    Co-owner, Technical Manager
  • Ciprian Imbrescu | DEXION Storage Solutions
    Sales Support Center Manager

Dexion Storage Solutions, part of Gonvarri Material Handling Group, designs, manufactures and installs racking and industrial shelving, produced in Romania. The company stands apart with its unique mix of quality products, outstanding design capabilities and customer service.

Dexion needed a CAD solution for their Support Center Department, consisting of 26 Design Engineers. After considering more solutions, Dexion chose Solid Egde for two reasons: its outstanding capabilities for Sheet Metal and Large Assemblies Design and the trust they had in their partner, CAD Subscription.
The session will highlight the implementation steps and future plans.


What do insects have to do with digitalization?

  • Rok Koren I SIEMENS Slovenia
    Senior digitalization consultant, Adriatic Region

Nasekomo is an agro-biotech startup that is revolutionizing the human food chain by producing animal feed from organic waste using insects, using a bioconversion method. They reduce the amount of food waste, greenhouse gas emissions and develop a “data-driven franchise business model« Global network of 200 franchises for breeding Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae for the production of proteins, oils and organic fertilizer.
Siemens provides Nasekomo complete support on enabling their innovative ideas in terms of digitalization strategy and implementation of digitalization projects now and on long term.
Siemens experts provided creative digitization consulting services to develop a digital platform of the future capable of supporting 200 global manufacturing sites. A thorough analysis of the existing production was carried out. Based on the current and, above all, future requirements, a solution was defined, evaluated and proposed as well as a timetable for implementation. The innovative and creative approach of consulting and the results allow the customer to continue the development of both the business idea and the development of revolutionary bio-genetic-production ideas, which are also patented. The results of the consultancy are innovative on a global scale, as they include integrated solutions for the development of digitalization – preparation of the development and management platform. These include integrated engineering platforms, data layers, analytics – AI in the cloud, digital twin processes and, in the long run, even living beings. Without digitalization in the broadest sense, the customer would not be able to achieve ambitious goals.
The basic requirement of the consulting project was the preparation of a strategy for a comprehensive digital solution to empower the data-supported franchise business model. The model is based on capturing all process variables at 200 global locations, processing them centrally with AI models, generating and implementing improved process parameters in production processes. The strategy, as a result, is based on several levels and areas, both technical, futures and cooperative.
The technical implementation is based on the basics and upgrades of industrial digitization (IT/OT network and cybersecurity, connectivity of all production processes and devices, data level, cloud services, unified engineering environment for all subcontractors, digital twin level with simulation and their back connection, operational level of remote management and maintenance, standardization of all components (HW, SW, data, mechanics. . . ), production monitoring, energy management together with sustainability (e. g. CO2 footprint), traceability, monitoring of growth and development of living organisms (for breeding and further development), tracking of populations and generations of insects based on genetics, . . . ).
The result is a plan to develop comprehensive digital solutions for Nasekomo to support the expansion of plants for the production of protein, oil and biofertilizer. With our joint digital solutions, Nasekomo will be the first to offer a franchise model for protein production on the market, while at the same time enabling a sustainable aspect and a good return on investment.


Questions and Closing words

  • Muus Blokker, Michal Dic | Siemens Digital Industries Software